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Cricket: Bamboo Bats!

By Prof Dr Ian Blackshaw

Scientists at Cambridge University have undertaken some research and produced some cricket bats made from laminated bamboo, which they state are much stronger than those traditionally made from willow.

They claim that it is much easier to hit fours or sixes with these bats. However, these bats are 40% heavier.

But they also say that lighter bats could be made from bamboo, which would generate speed and transfer more energy than traditional cricket bats.

According to the current rules of the sports governing body, the MCC (Marylebone Cricket Club), which controls such matters, bats must be made from wood. Bamboo is categorised as grass.

Whether lighter versions of these bamboo cricket bats would be approved by the MCC and replace those made from willow remains to be seen.

If so, cricket players and fans would have to get used to the sound of leather on bamboo rather than the familiar sound of leather on willow!

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