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American Football: Carl Nassib Comes Out!

By Prof Dr Ian Blackshaw

Carl Nassib, who is 28 years old and plays for Las Vegas Raiders, has announced that he is gay.

He announced this on his Instagram account as follows:

Just wanted to take a quick moment to say that I’m gay. I have been meaning to do this for a while but I finally feel comfortable enough to get it off my chest.”

And added:

I’m a pretty private person so I hope that you guys know that I’m really not doing this for attention. I just think that representation and visibility are so important.”

Nassib is the first active NFL player to come out as being gay.

He also announced that he is donating US$100,000 to the Trevor Project, a US suicide prevention service for LGBTQ youth.

Mark Davis, owner of the Raiders, commented as follows:

These are personal decisions ….. [and] ….. it takes courage.”

Especially, one would add, in such a masculine sport as American Football!

Roger Goodell, the NFL Commissioner, stated as follows:

The NFL family is proud of Carl for courageously sharing his truth today. Representation matters.”

And added:

We share his hope that someday soon statements like his will no longer be newsworthy as we march toward full equality for the LGBTQ community.”

A fair comment, I would think, in these all-inclusive days in which we live!

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