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US Football: Washington Team Announces New Name!

By Prof Dr Ian Blackshaw

After dropping its former name of ‘The Washington Redskins’ on racial grounds in July 2020, the Washington US Football Team has announced its new name of ‘The Commanders’.

For the last two seasons, the Team has been known simply by the name of ‘The Washington Football Team’.

One possible name, popular amongst the fans, was ‘RedWolves’ which was dropped because the trademark for this name was already owned by another organisation.

The new name reflects the armed forces links to the US Capital.

Also, the Team stated that:

This new identity embodies the most powerful of Washington’s story by paying tribute to the team’s rich history and championship culture, personified by mission-driven players who take command, forge success and break barriers on and off the field.”

The Team will continue to play in its famous burgundy and gold uniforms.

Interestingly, the US President Joe Biden has tweeted in favour of the new name, the same as one of his dogs, as follows:

“I suppose there’s room for two commanders in this town.”

Also, the President is Commander-in-chief of the armed forces!

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