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Esports and Video Games: EU Resolution

By Prof Dr Ian Blackshaw

The Committee on Culture and Education (CULT) of the European Parliament has unanimously adopted a Resolution that proposes a vote on whether the European Union (EU) should develop a long-term strategy that could fundamentally change the future of video games and esports industries in the EU.

In particular, CULT is asking the European Parliament to increase the number of video game productions through more funding.

In 2022, the Creative Europe Program allocated the sum of €6 million to fund video games productions, but CULT considers, quite rightly, that this is not enough.

The EU may consider offering tax breaks to companies creating or expanding video game companies in the EU.

Other countries, such as Australia and Canada, already offer such incentives.

Also, CULT recognises the lack of talent shortage in the EU video games industry and proposes that video games should be explored as a teaching tool.

Members of CULT also stress that video games and esports have the potential to contribute to EU ‘soft power’.

Furthermore, the EU will not regulate esports as a sport, due to their digital components and the underlying commercial interests of publishers.

However, the CULT Resolution calls for regulations governing players’ employment; a new type of visa for professional players; and additional rules for combatting doping and match-fixing.

The European Parliament will vote on the Resolution during its mini session on 9 and 10 November 2022.

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