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Snooker: Match Fixing Investigation

By Prof Dr Ian Blackshaw

Snooker is facing a match-fixing investigation, which has led to the suspension of ten players from World Snooker Events, including several Chinese players.

None of these players has, in fact, been charged with anything so far, but the WPBSA, the governing body of billiards and snooker, has announced that the investigation, which began in October 2022, will shortly be completed and that charges will follow, after consideration of the results of the investigation by an independent tribunal set up for this purpose.

Under the rules of the WPBSA, players found guilty of match-fixing could face lifetime bans from the sport.

Many within the sport have called for such bans to be imposed on the guilty, describing match-fixing as a “cancer” of the sport.

However, the WPBSA chairman, Jason Ferguson, has admitted that, legally-speaking, such bans are difficult to uphold in practice.

Of course, it will all depend upon the particular circumstances of each case!

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