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Unusual Sports: World Gravy Wrestling Championships!

By Prof Dr Ian Blackshaw

The World Gravy Wrestling Championships took place on 28 August 2023 (a public holiday in England).

The venue was the ‘Rose ‘N’ Bowl’ pub, in Stacksteads, Lancashire, in the North of England.

The event has been held since 2007 and raises money for charity.

Each contestant must wrestle for two minutes in a pool of Lancashire gravy, which is a sauce made from the juices of meat. Around 2,000 litres of gravy were used and 16 men and 8 women took part in the competition.

Points are awarded for fancy dress, comedy effect and entertainment.

The local fire brigade is in attendance to wash down the competitors after every bout.

Food and drink are served throughout the event.

The organisers have hailed the event as “a great family day out!”

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