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Tennis: French Open Bans Alcohol!

By Prof Dr Ian Blackshaw

A ban has been imposed on fans drinking alcohol in the stands at this year’s Tennis French Open at Roland Garros to stop unruly behaviour by them.

This follows an incident involving the Belgian tennis player, David Goffin, having chewing gum spat at him.

Also, on Wednesday, the women’s defending champion, Iga Swiatek, pleaded with fans to keep quiet during points and not to shout out.

The Tournament Director, Amelie Mauresmo, announcing the alcohol ban, stated:

“Alcohol has been allowed up until now in the stands – but that’s over.”

However, alcohol will continue to be available around the grounds.

Let us hope that, as a result of the alcohol ban in the stands, some measure of decorum will return to the normally sedate game of tennis and play will not be desecrated by drunken fans!

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