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Football: FIFA Women’s World Cup pay gap!

By Prof Dr Ian Blackshaw Women’s football is growing in popularity and up to one billion are expected to view the current FIFA Women’s World Cup taking place in France. However, there is a shocking financial disparity in terms of earnings and prize money between the men’s and the women’s tournaments. So much so, that the situation has been put down to the claim that male chauvinism is entrenched in football’s world governing body, FIFA! The winners in France will receive US$4 million, which is twice the amount awarded in the previous tournament in 2015. The prize money for other teams, depends upon how far they progress in the tournament, beginning with US$750,000 for participating in the initial group stage. FIFA awards US$30 million in total to competing women’s teams. On the other hand, FIFA awarded total prize money of US$400 million in last year’s Men’s World Cup. More than ten times that awarded in this year’s Women’s World Cup! Apart from prize money, each of the women’s teams this year received US$800,000 in respect of preparation costs and club compensation. Whereas the comparative figure for the men’s teams last year was US$1.5 million. Almost double! Not surprisingly, calls have been made, in various quarters, for there to be financial parity between the two tournaments. The justification for these financial differences has been put down by FIFA to differences in the income generated by the men’s and women’s events. Also, FIFA argues that prize money is only a small part of the money that is being invested in the women’s game. Over the next three years, FIFA plans to invest between US$400 – 500 million in the promotion and development of women’s football. Prof Dr Ian Blackshaw may be contacted by e-mail at ‘This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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