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The Olympics: Break Dancing to be included in the 2024 Summer Games!

It has just been announced by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) that ‘breaking’ - a competitive form of break dancing - will be included as a sport in the 2024 Summer Olympic Games, scheduled to be held In Paris, France.

It will feature alongside surfing, skateboarding and climbing, which have been included for the first time in the delayed 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games.

However, squash, billiards, and chess campaigned unsuccessfully to be included in the Paris Games.

On hearing the news, British break dancer, Karam Singh, remarked as follows:

It’s going to be great for breaking as it gives more recognition as a sport.” 

According to its avid supporters, breaking combines artistry and athleticism. Competitors are judged on their technical skills and creativity and style.

However, the inclusion of breaking is in line with the policy of the IOC to include sports in the Olympic Programme which will appeal to the younger generation and new audiences.

Well, whatever sport next, you may ask, will become an Olympic sport?

As the late British Prime Minster, Margaret Thatcher, once remarked: “it’s a funny old world!”

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