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2 & 3 December 2010 Seminar Geneva despite weather problems a success

Despite a troubled start because of travel problems for speakers and delegates all over Europe our 9th Seminar on Sports Law and Taxation Issues the event was still a great success. Opening sessions by Rijkele Betten concerned the proposed Amendments to the OECD Commentary to Article 17 of its Model Convention and the UK tax authorities? view on the use of image right agreements for rewarding football players in the Premier League. Harald Grams presented the background to the German tax legislation and case law of income from image rights. Adam Whyte of Ruiz Horta y Crespo delivered a lively presentation of EU law developments, and Luca Ferrari presented a thorough analysis of sponsorship agreements and on how to protect the interests of all parties involved in sponsoring. Then Prof. Ian Blackshaw, charing the second day, presented an analysis of ambush marketing and dealing with the question of how far the right holders should go in acting against it. Tax planning for high profile sportspersons was presented for Monaco by Michel Collet, for Switzerland by Genevi?ve Page, and for Spain by Angel Juarez. Harald Grams then discussed the German view on the treatment of rental payments to foreign clubs for players borrowed by Bundesliga clubs. Ms. Genevi?ve Page dealt with the tax rules for sports governing bodies in Switzerland. Howard Stupp of the IOC presented his view on and experience with the conclusion of Sports TV Right Agreements. And finishing the congress Prof. Blackshaw discussed the functioning of the Court of Arbitration for Sports and several interesting cases. Some documentation sets of the Seminar are still available. If you are interested, please contact us for further details (at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

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